Kristiane “KC” Graham

Volunteer, Ridley Scholarship Program
Kristiane Graham
  • Class of: Col ’79
  • Current city: Middleburg, VA
  • Current job:
  • Bodo’s Order OR Favorite Charlottesville Spot:  LOL! I’m too old for Bodo’s. It didn’t exist in our day. But a one-eyed bacon cheeseburger used to go a long way!

Tell us your UVA story. What did you do during your time on Grounds? What were your favorite memories?

I played every sport I could, starting with Polo, Co Rec Inner Tube Water Polo, Tennis, and just about everything you could sign up for. I played Squash all four years. I was an investigator for the Judiciary Committee and was on the Bad Check Committee as well as the Easters Planning Committee my fourth year. I ran a campaign for an Honor Committee candidate. I’m sure there was more…

Tell us what you’re up to today!

I currently serve on the Board of the Ridley Scholarship Program. I was previously on the board for the Nursing School and what is now the College Foundation, and I have served on my class Reunion Committee a number of times. I am on the board of a multinational manufacturing conglomerate and am an avid volunteer for Habitat for Humanity. My husband and I help found a music therapy center, initially for kids with disabilities but now for anyone suffering from life’s challenges. It is called A Place To Be and is performance-based therapy. The kids have performed all over NOVA and even at the Kennedy Center. It is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. Habitat is a good second.

What makes you say Wahoowa?

Anytime I see another Wahoo! Anytime the Wahoos kick butt in any sport. Anytime I meet someone who loves UVA as much as I do. Men’s basketball — I was there in Minneapolis and it was the most exciting sporting event of my life! WAHOOWA!

What’s the biggest way in which you hope alumni can impact UVA?

Giving back. Educating Alumni to open their minds to new avenues of giving that are of benefit to the University, such as the Ridley Scholarship Program.

Pick a pillar that best captures your life today:


Why does that pillar speak to you?

I am at the stage in my life where it is time to give back. I have always served my community in some way: school boards, community boards, etc. but now I think on a bigger scale with organizations like Habitat for Humanity. It is truly more rewarding to give than receive.