Michelle Perrin-Steinberg

Lead Senior Legal Counsel
Michelle Perrin Steinberg
  • Class of: 2001
  • Current city: Upper Marlboro, MD
  • Current job: Corporate in-house attorney
  • Bodo’s Order OR Favorite Charlottesville Spot:  The one place I must go when I’m back in Charlottesville is Take it Away! I’m obsessed with their bread ends and house dressing. My favorite sandwiches are turkey, havarti and cucumbers on sourdough and chicken salad with sprouts on wheat.

Tell us your UVA story. What did you do during your time on Grounds? What were your favorite memories?

I am a legacy! My father was one of a few African Americans to graduate from the University in 1975. I always wanted to attend UVA and applied early decision. I loved my time on Grounds. I lived in two residential communities: Hereford and Brown College. I also spent a lot of time at the University Judiciary Committee offices and studying at the UVA Law Library (foreshadowing my future career as an attorney).

Tell us what you’re up to today!

Today, I am a corporate in-house attorney. I am the Lead Senior Legal Counsel at one of the largest software companies in the world. I focus on regulatory compliance with export controls and trade sanctions and am the primary legal counsel for North and South America. Prior to my current role, I was part of the global trade advisory management team at a Big 4 consulting firm and have also worked at large aerospace and defense companies, academia and in a traditional law firm. I have been in the international trade practice area since 2006 and really enjoy my area of the law.

What makes you say Wahoowa?

Welcoming first year students of color and first-generation students to UVA! Through my volunteer work on Virginia Alumni Admission Network (VAAN), I helped to send postcards over the summer to our newest UVA students, welcoming them to the UVA family. With each postcard that I wrote, I was so happy and excited about the impact these students will make in their families and in their communities. Wahoowa!

What’s the biggest way in which you hope alumni can impact UVA?

Reach back to the next generation. Mentoring and providing internships and career opportunities are traditional ways to support students; however, spend time on the alumni website to learn about all of the other initiatives and get involved!

Pick a pillar that best captures your life today:


Why does that pillar speak to you?

My role as in-house counsel is to inform the business of the law; however, I am also a trusted advisor and need to manage the legal risks associated with the business, and partner with the business, understanding its issues/pain points and providing practical solutions while influencing key decisions to drive business growth and staying compliant with the law. I also love to share my practice area with students as it is not a traditional practice area. Informing students of what I do and giving them exposure to my work brings me a lot of satisfaction.